Saturday, January 26, 2013


                                        CWS PRESENTS

                                            Ms/Mr 2012 Calendar Finale

 Time 4:pm SLT        Place: 

                                                 CWS Classic With Style


More then 200,000 L giveaway in prizes. 

The contestants;

Philippe Byron
Ania Lennie
Adrianna Applewhyte
Liberty Lighthouse
Laci Rossini
Kiralyn Destiny
Sidney Abbot
Devia Darkbyrd
Ladysunfire Erin
Sunrae Suntzu
Janet Brink

Talking to a contestant while I was visiting she said she wasn't nervous 'then' but to ask her tomorrow.
Today will be the day for one to walk away with 100,000 L. 
Which one will it be?

Three categories each contestant will do, Sexy Swimsuit, Chinese New Year Theme for talent and a James Bond Theme for gown or formal wear. I know I'm excited.
Have a look here at the video;     CWS 2012 Calendar Models
Hope to see you there, look for the flash and 'smile'

It's over and I have the results. Was a fantastic show and all are winners for their effort, teamwork and friendships.
Ms Calendar 2012 Photogenic Ms Liberty Lighthouse winner of 5000 L a trophy and photo's done by the CWS in house photographer.
Team Creative Talent Group 3000 L each to; Janet Brink Group
Janet Brink
Adrianna Applywhyte
Ania Lennie
Devia Darkbyrd
10th runner up 5000 L Ms Adrianna Applewhyte
9th runner up 5000 L Mr Philippe Byron
8th runner up 5000 L Ms Laci Rossini
7th runner up 5000 L Ms Devia Darkbyrd
6th runner up 5000 L Ms Kiralyn Destiny
5th runner up 5000 L Ania Lennie
4th runner up 5000 L Liberty Lighthouse
3rd runner up 10,000 L Ms Ladysunfire Erin
2nd runner up 25,000 L Ms Sidney Abbot
1st runner up 50,000 L Janet Brink

Congratulations to Ms Sunrae Suntzu the new CWS 2012 Calendar crown winner and awarded 100,000 L